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The Danforths - Amphibian (CD)

Image of The Danforths - Amphibian (CD)


The Minneapolis-via-Fargo sound junkie Chris Danforth creates Eno-esque sound textures with the quirky lyricism of the Magnetic Fields and the Modern Lovers, this time with the help of band members Tom Kemmer and Neil Fasen. Danforth, winner of the McKnight Composer Fellowship, displays a range of composition with this collection of hook-laden indie pop to the eerie ambiance of the three tracks which lend the album its name.

1. Party Line
2. Oh I'm Tired
3. You're My Little Disco Dancer
4. Spring Break
5. Mexico
6. Too Much Weekend
7. A Tragedy Far Too Complex To Explain
8. Amphibian Part I
9. Amphibian Part II
10. A Time To Help
11. It Takes A City Of 287,151 (According to the 2000 census) To Hold Us Back
12. My Grandfather's Clock
13. It's Hard To - Watch Something Die
14. Scenester Ma Ma